Thursday, March 19, 2009


Welcome to my blog and my first post!

To be frank I never thought I could ever cook for myself let alone for others. When I was a child I was of the impression that only moms could cook. In my teenage life too I never thought of giving it a try. Since I completed my education in my hometown itself I always had the privilege of going to school/college from home with packed breakfast(when I had to leave home early for special classes) and lunch. Hence I always ignored the warnings of my mother and elders that I would definitely have to cook after some point in your life.

Time flew and one fine day my marriage got fixed. Bang! My case was that I had to leave India because the boy is employed in US. One month before marriage I started my cooking experiments. Guess what I tried out first? Maggi 2 min Noodles! It came out well.. obviously! The next item I tried was omelette. I still remember pouring 2 frehly beaten eggs into a non stick pan without buttering it and the appearance of my freshly made omelette after I managed to take it out of the pan! I etched this 'very important point' in my memory and succeeded next time.

This gave me some confidence that I could make something. Well with this newly instilled confidence I started internet searches for new recipes. I penned down a few in my notebook that I newly bought for this purpose and started my little adventures. I used to follow the exact measurements. When the recipe called for a tsp of salt I used to measure and add the exact amount taking care to see that it never exceeded the 'prescribed' quantity. I finally landed in US with my small notebook and continued my adventures. With all these trials and errors finally I managed to cook the three most important meals of a day without fail!!!

My adventures with cooking led me to start this blog especially to help my friends out there who are able to identify themselves with the situation I was in before and also adventurous people who are in search of new recipes. All the recipes that I have posted were tried out and the photographs reveal the outcome :)

Have fun cooking!

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Anonymous said...

:) This post made me smile bcos it reminded me of myself!! Infact even after one year of cooking I still have that obsession of using exactly '1 tsp of salt' if the recipe says so! Though I believe I'm getting better & more relaxed in the kitchen..
Welcome to the world of cooking!N keep posting!

Pooja said...

Thank you :) Yes I too feel much more relaxed in the kitchen than when I was before! :)