Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lobia Mushroom Curry

Searching through my pantry and refrigerator one afternoon, and thinking what to fix for dinner, my eyes fell on Black eyed beans and left over mushrooms. Still searching I came across a red bell pepper that had been sitting in my refrigerator for almost a week when I was struck by a new idea-hey why not incorporate everything and create a new dish? This resulted in Lobia Mushroom curry.

Lobia is an Indian curry made with black eyed beans.Made with freshly roasted and ground aromatic spices along with other ready made spices this dish has a wonderful flavour. I even gave a Kerala touch to the dish by adding ground grated coconut. The aroma infused by freshly ground spices along with the creamy texture imparted by ground coconut, this dish goes well with Chapati/Roti/Naan.

1 cup raw black eyed beans
Mushrooms - 10 oz(283 g) sliced
Red bell pepper- 1 chopped
Red onion - 1 chopped
Tomatoes - 2 chopped
Garlic paste - 1 tsp
Ginger paste - 1 tsp
Chilly powder- 3/4 tsp(adjust according to your taste buds)
Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Garam masala - 3/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Fresh grated coconut - 1/3 cup
Oil for cooking
Fresh cilantro for garnish
Dry roast the following together:
Cinnamon - 2, 2.5" long sticks
Cloves - 6
Cardamom- few seeds
Star anise -1
Fennel seeds - 1 tsp

  • Soak black eyed beans in water for at least 3 hours.
  • Pressure cook the beans with salt along with the water used for soaking. Keep aside.
  • Grind grated coconut to a smooth paste adding water. Keep aside.
  • In a pan at medium heat dry roast the ingredients mentioned above until colour changes slightly and you get the fresh aroma of roasted spices.
  • Remove from heat, cool and grind to a powder. Keep aside.
  • Heat oil in the same pan and saute chopped onions until it turns brown.
  • Add the ground spices and saute for few seconds more.
  • Add ginger garlic paste and saute till raw smell goes.
  • Add chopped tomatoes and cook till it turns mushy.
  • Add sliced mushrooms and bell pepper and cook till mushrooms are cooked and all the water oozed out from mushrooms has been absorbed.
  • Add chilly powder, turmeric, coriander powder, garam masala and saute till raw smell goes.
  • Add ground coconut along with water used for pressure cooking beans. Bring to a boil.
  • You may add additional water at this stage if you wish.
  • Add cooked beans, reduce heat and cook till the gravy turns thick.
  • Add chopped cilantro, remove from heat.
  • Serve hot!
This goes to My Legume Affair 11th Helping hosted by Lori and started by Susan.


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Pooja said...

Lovely curry..Very new to me...yummy one pooja..

Lena Jayadev said...

Pooja..see the coincidence... we both uploaded mushroom recipes at same time.. :)
This is lovely and superb presentation.. :)

Priya Suresh said...

Thats a healthy protein packed lobia curry..looks yum!

Valarmathi Sanjeev said...

Perfect for rotis. Nice combo.Looks yumm yum.

Vegetarian Zest said...

Pooja, I feel like eating this curry with hot ghee rice. the minute i see such dishes, I feel like going for a grocery shopping.

chef and her kitchen said...

Nice idea lol..Indian gals r so creative..:)

Parita said...

Thats delicious looking curry dear..fab combination :)

Pooja said...

Thanks Pooja..Frankly it was new to me as well :)
Thanks Lena..yes what a coincidence :)
Thanks Priya, Valar, Vandya, Prathibha & Parita :)

Chef Jeena said...

Yummy! Black eyed peas and mushrooms with toasted spices - gorgeous. :-)

Vrinda said...

This lobia curry is new to me..great helthy recipe,looks like kuruma..i think it would be great with poori and roti..

Pooja said...

Thanks Jeena :)
Thanks Vrinda :) Yes this tasted somewhat similar to kurma!

Nandinis food said...

Sounds new to me! The mushroom curry looks colorful and scrumptious!

Pooja said...

Thanks Usha :)

Padma said...

Looks great Pooja... never tried this combination ... it looks very colorful :)

Lisa Turner said...

Goodness, this is especially appealing to mushroom fans, but even without the shrooms, I am sold!

Pooja said...

Thanks Padma & Lisa :)

Home Cooked Oriya Food said...

What a unique one and made up as you go... Wow !

Ammu said...

Cute snap pooja. Lovely dish too. yummy :)

Unknown said...

That sounds like a great combo!

Premyscakes said...

Looks delicious!!

Yasmeen said...

Healthful!I'd love this with Parathas:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds excellent with mushrooms!

Pooja said...

Thanks HCOF, Ammu, Divya, Prema, Yasmeen & 5 Star Foodie :)

Sweta (My Indian Dietitian) said...

I've never thought of adding mushrooms to lobia-what a fantastic idea!!Love it :)

Pooja said...

Thanks Sweta :)

Varsha Vipins said...

Thats a great yummy curry Pooja..:)..gravy is so thick n rich..:)

VineelaSiva said...

Wow yummy curry pooja.I dont know this combo will try this dear.

Pooja said...

Thanks Varsha :) The addition of ground coconut did indeed make the gravy thick and creamy!
Thanks Vineela :)

Jaya M said...

very interesting dear...I am sure it tasted great with the addition of coconut,mushroom and bell pepper...Lovely idea..and nice entry to the evnt..
hugs and smiles

Ramya Vijaykumar said...

BEP's and mushrooms oh wow that sounds very interesting and love the gravy and the color... its sounds super duper yummy and delicious!!!

Manju said...

that just looks soo very delicious!

Unknown said...

That's a nice dish. New combo, never tried mushroom and blackeyed bean combination before.

Prajusha said...

Ncie combo.curry looks rich and yummy and .never tried with beans.

Pooja said...

Thanks Jaya. It indeed was a new combo to me but tasted great :)
Thanks Ramya :)
Thanks Manju :)
Thanks Sadhana :)
Thanks Prajusha :)

Sree vidya said...

Hey yummy Pooja!
Nice combo. Will give it a shot.

Pooja said...

Thanks Vidya :)

Unknown said...

This curry is totally new to me. I like mushroom and this curry looks yummy :)

Pooja said...

Thanks Maria :)

Suparna said...

hey pooja,
what a combo health packed and makes the taste buds crave more :)

Pooja said...

Thanks Suparna :) Frankly I experimented with the combo but turned out good :)

Lori Lynn said...

Ooh I am intrigued by the coconut addition. Wow!

Thanks again for taking part in MLLA 11th Edition!

Pooja said...

Thanks Lori and welcome :)